About us

Peak Performance Polymers has evolved to offer support and services beyond traditional manufacturing, working as a true partner with its customers.

Peak Performance Polymers was established in 2017. Our initial goal was to produce hand holds for the rock climbing industry. We have grown from startup to industry leader now providing hand holds for some of the top brands in the industry.

Our Process

We take your product from prototype or design concept to full production. We even ship it directly to your customer’s door.


Prototypes are expertly handled to create high-fidelity molds. We closely monitor molds in production to ensure the highest quality part every time.


Each day hundreds of products are custom made to order in dozens of industry standard colors. Products are hand inspected and heat-cured.


Every product is hand finished to the highest quality standard. After final inspection and clean-up, products are ready to ship.


All items are packaged and labeled with the customer name and shipped with a branded packing list to the customer’s door.


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